Tours of our ten buildings are free and open to the public by appointment.  The buildings include: the Brattan-Taylor Country Store, English-Gravenor One Room School, Young's Purchase Farmhhouse, Doctor's Office, Memorial Building, Cannery Warehouse, Livery Stable, Odd Fellows Hall, Whitelock Victorian Home, and the Rockawalkin Train Depot.  All buildings are furnished as closely as possible to the period.

     To schedule a tour:

     Phone:410-726-8113 or 410-302-2298



     Write:    Adkins Historical and Museum Complex

                   P.O. Box 160

                   Mardela Springs, Md.  21837

Brattan-Taylor Country Store

The Bratten-Taylor Village Store was built in 1838 on Main Street in Mardela  Springs.  In 2000 the building was moved to Complex grounds.  The store houses many interesting artifacts.  It is also a research center housing the vast collection of research done by Mr. & Mrs. Adkins on local families and the surrounding area.

English-Gravenor One Room School

One Room School house was built by Thomas Gravenor in 1857, exhibits the life of a student who attended a one-room school house.

Young's Purchase Farmhouse

The Farmhouse was built ca1724 by William Young on a land grant given to William Young known as "Young's Purchase"  It was moved to its present location in 1983 and is still sitting on the land grant "Young's Purchase."  The house has been restored and furnished as a colonial farm house.

Doctor's Office

The Doctor's Office replicates the office of Dr. Lemuel R. Brattan, an area native.  An interesting daybook gives an accout of his caring for the sick from 1854 to 1857.

Memorial Building

The Memorial Building honors those who served to secure and preserve our liberty.  There are military items from Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Korean Conflict on display.

Cannery Warehouse

The Cannery Warehouse served as a warehouse for a local cannery from 1903-1936.  Restoration of this building was completed in 1991.  In 2009 new exhibits devoted to farming and businesses depicting life of a by gone era in Mardela Springs were opened to the public.

Livery Stable

The Livery Stable was reopened on Dec 4, 2011 with a new exhibit of a Sharptown Shad Barg a gift from Albert Griffith and restored by James Goslee and friends.  The exhibit also has fishing and hunting apparatus.  The Livery Stable also houses a Merry-Go-Round House from the old Merry-Go-Round that was on the Sharptown Carnival Grounds.  The Livery Stable is also home to Santa's workshop and house.  The Livery Stables also houses a setting of period rooms and kitchen with many beautiful pieces of furniture. 

Odd Fellows Hall / Election House

The Odd Fellows Hall, originally a carpenter shop and later a voting house, was bought at an auction by the Goodwill Lodge #112 International Order of Odd Fellows and used for their meetings until 1983.  It is once again  used for meetings by the Complex and other organizations.

Whitelock Victorian Home

The Whitelock Victorian Home was purchased and restored in 2009.  It is furnished with many beautiful period pieces.

Rockawalkin Train Depot

The Rockawalkin Train Depot was moved to the Complex grounds in 2009 by Expert House Movers.  Restoration began in the Spring of 2010.  The Train Depot was completed by late November 2011 in time for the 2011 Christmas Tour.